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A Successful Grilled Steak

Let’s start with exceptional quality meat ....USDA PRIME GRADE
Pick your steak.....Whats your pleasure?
NY Strip, Delmonico, Porterhouse, Tenderloin,etc.
Let it come to room temperature ....15-25 minutes.
Season as it warms.
I like a to coat my fingers with a good olive oil and rub the steak on both sides.
Fresh ground black pepper, fresh ground sea salt( or pink Himalayan) on both sides.
Place seasoned room temperature steak on a medium hot grill (Medium hot means you can hold your hand over the grill for 5-6 seconds)
Want char? Hold over direct heat for a minute or so on both sides, then move to indirect heat 6-7 minutes per side for medium rare (meat thermometer reading 129).
Remove from heat ......
Don’t cut into the steak right will lose all that wonderful juice from the inside.....
Let rest for 7 minutes under some foil.
Then slice and enjoy the buttery,tender, flavor only PRIME grade beef can provide.